EASTERN LIGHTS The arrival of April Is anything But run of the mill. I knew this, But something went amiss. The promise of Spring, The promise of revival Turned out to be just… Continue reading

Farewell to Fall

  Fall, An architecture of ruin, Sheds the illusions of life; Bare and blank, The avenue gets littered with the remnants Of a season gone by; I’m still happy. At least now I’ll… Continue reading


Nestled up in the mountains, It flows very gently And is in no hurry to go anywhere; Almost like a tired, lost, and listless orphan, It looks at a lonely cloud – Which… Continue reading


Buried under the consecutive layers of Time, Pain, raw and dark, Gets metamorphosed Into the glittering diamonds of memory!  


  Days, weeks, months, and years, All merge into the inexorable movement of Time, Creating this mesmerizing mirage of memories – That tempts, and tortures us; And lulls us like a temptress in… Continue reading


The spring brings forth Flowers, unfolding the petals; It also settles the old scores By betraying moisture in my eyes; You call it allergy!


Far, far away From the world of meaningless mornings, Artificial afternoons, And simulated sunsets, Lies the sacred corner In the gleaming glacier of the Himalayas, Where I left you To rejoice the endless… Continue reading


FALLING IN THE WEST The lengthening shadows of the evening Surround the soul of my day; Looking out the window of my life, I try to change the solar narrative; And, then, I… Continue reading


REALIZATION Walking back Through the long gone seasons, One realizes the futility of planning; You hardly see any rhyme or reason Behind all the happenings; Ah, those neat logical categories! That intellectual fusion!… Continue reading


THE WHITEWASHED MOON The moon rises in its full glory Over a frozen night, That is breaking into snowflakes; Was it like this? I don’t remember; When you’re disintegrating To be whole again,… Continue reading