Never realized Why the setting sun makes me sad; Yes, you’re still smiling, Dismissing it as one of my lies. But now I know The Sun used to close its eyes everyday To… Continue reading


  Retreating ever so slowly, And teasing with its vanishing glory, The Evening is about to sign off for the day.   Without any nerves or regrets, Almost like you did.   Leaving… Continue reading


The sun shows up with such a promise almost every day, Like a politician during elections; The promise, sadly, is short – lived, And then the sun slips away In the mysticism of… Continue reading


Comforting and delicious, The river of memories is treacherous as well. Only Time can tell If I’ll drown or swim. Its caressing waves are so intoxicating; It takes me to my Xanadu, To… Continue reading


  Grateful as I am, (I really am!) For my gray hair, I don’t blame you. I know you don’t even care, And, why should you? You’re way too powerful, Indifferent to the… Continue reading


Days hurtle along the tracks of time, Like the freight trains, Making a lot of meaningless noise. Packed with commercial consumables, My days are often redeemed By the artifacts of memory You left… Continue reading


EASTERN LIGHTS The arrival of April Is anything But run of the mill. I knew this, But something went amiss. The promise of Spring, The promise of revival Turned out to be just… Continue reading

Farewell to Fall

  Fall, An architecture of ruin, Sheds the illusions of life; Bare and blank, The avenue gets littered with the remnants Of a season gone by; I’m still happy. At least now I’ll… Continue reading


Nestled up in the mountains, It flows very gently And is in no hurry to go anywhere; Almost like a tired, lost, and listless orphan, It looks at a lonely cloud – Which… Continue reading


Buried under the consecutive layers of Time, Pain, raw and dark, Gets metamorphosed Into the glittering diamonds of memory!